On-site Experience & Craftsmanship

Our interior fit-out specialists

Careful planning and precise execution in every stage is at the heart of every successful project. However none more important than at the installation stage. This is the moment where tens of thousands of hours of design, drafting and manufacturing come to crunch point and getting it perfect can be make or break for the whole project.

Ensuring our success is our highly skilled and deeply experienced fit-out team. Comprised of master joiners, cabinet makers, technicians and engineers, our site team bring together a host of skills and disciplines to realise the highest quality interior finishes.

Our on-site joiners have decades of cabinet making and joinery experience under their belts, having worked across the world for private clients, presidents and on occasions for royalty. No only are their honed skills and wide ranging knowledge critical in ensuring full realisation of the design vision, but their nimble minds and fingers ensure that we adapt and overcome unexpected circumstances quickly.

Our installation, design and manufacturing teams meet regularly in person on site as we believe our projects are most successful when everybody involved understands the bigger picture. That constant open dialogue ensures harmony between the exacting design vision and skilled delivery in every luxury home.