Golden Orb Chandelier

Suspended rippled glass

A striking arrival feature, falling through three storeys of the Entrance Hall and staircase. This chandelier of handblown orbs forms the spine of the home, connecting its living and entertainment spaces with the more private spaces of the First Floor and Second Floor bedrooms.

Integration is key to everything that we do and this instance we had a number of factors to coordinate. Importantly, the ‘champagne’ tone of the golden orbs was developed to complement the metallic finish of the balustrade and the warm antiquing of the bespoke architectural mirror. The lighting works as part of the home control network, which means we could fine tune the light levels during commissioning of the home.

Each globe was carefully polished and fitted by our installation specialists, alongside the designers responsible for the creation of the chandelier – a key aspect of ensuring nothing is missed from initial concept through to on site installation.

If you’re interested in knowing more about how we design and make bespoke chandeliers, or would like to discuss your luxury property ideas, our design team would be delight to hear from you.