A Personal Spa in the Home 

A personal spa in the home 

Our client lives alone and wanted a bathroom to suit his personality and masculine nature. He wished to devote significant space to the room and for it to offer a fulfilling and spa-like experience.

The Principal Bathroom is framed and defined by dark timber finishes, and brought to life through the application of bright, characterful Calacatta marble and an inlayed brass chevron pattern to the floor. Further depth is layered into the space with the added warmth of polished plaster walls and ceiling coffers.

Lighting is distinctly important to the success of this scheme and particularly effective due to the layering of lighting levels, from uplighters to the illuminated coffers. Artwork, sculpture and console tables create a sense of luxury hospitality – a private retreat within the Principal Suite.

The walk-through shower forms a wet-room arrangement with the feature bath, with view to the Surrey countryside beyond.