An Immersive Experience

The design of a Cinema Room

A devoted space to become immersed in film, television, or even gaming. Cinema Rooms are a luxury that our clients often request. With so much of contemporary interior architecture providing multi-purpose, open-plan living and our lives becoming evermore connected digitally, it is refreshing to design a space of focus and sole purpose.

A well designed Cinema Room transports its users to another realm. From the moment you enter the space the echoless acoustic qualities of the room change your mood and disconnect you entirely from the rest of the home. This is the first step towards an altogether enhanced cinema experience.

We have delivered Cinema Rooms with a range of levels of specification, from clients who desire the ultimate audio-visual experience, to those who want a space that feels more like a lounge, but is a designated room with high quality speakers and projector.

As seen in this example, we have experience in forming the architecture of a cinema within the structure of a building, such as raised platforms for improved viewing angles, fabric wrapped wall and ceiling panels to conceal acoustic insulation and hidden surround sound speakers and concealed low lighting to set the mood.