Making an Entrance

An inspired sense of arrival

First impressions are lasting. In the realm of luxury properties, creating an unforgettable entrance is an essential element of crafting a home that truly represents the refined tastes and aspirations of its owners. The Entrance Hall is the first introduction guests have to a home, and in prime property it must inspire a sophisticated sense of arrival.

Centre stage is our cascading crystal chandelier that extends through the circular gallery of the First Floor. A chandelier of this magnitude is a testament to the craftsmanship that goes into creating a prime luxury home. The delicate arrangement of crystals dripping from the reeded glass and metal rings provide a mesmerising welcome.

A bespoke rug, carefully designed to complement the countryside theme of this home Entrance Hall, provides rich texture and softens the Calacatta marble floor. The bespoke table provides a focal point that draws the eye, its smooth contours create a flow of space inviting guests to move effortlessly through the Hall and explore the rooms within. The Gallery Landing creates a bright and tranquil space with the lounge chairs flanked by rubber plants providing a place of contemplation.

If you’re exploring how to create a sense of arrival for your luxury home our team of experienced designers will be delighted to hear from you.