The Spa En-Suite

A steamy encounter

In purchasing this property our client inherited nondescript en-suite bathrooms, lacking in provision of quality features befitting of the home. Our team was tasked with breathing personality, quality and originality into the Principal Bathrooms and his Bathroom required key components, such as a steam shower.

The Bathroom is an oasis of relaxation and its base finishes are cool and neutral tones, creating a cohesive and masculine space. Layered on top of these treatments are punches of warmth, in the form of golden-yellow lacquer to the rear of the vanity mirror niche and the beautiful veining of the Arabescato Orobico marble.

Amongst clean lines and subtle textures of the joinery, our team drew inspiration from the striking veins of the marble when specifying the expressive ash veneer of the vanity cabinet.

The mirror cabinets each side of the main vanity mirror are angled toward the user to provide multiple viewing angles. Each mirror has concealed LED lighting to the rear edge of its door, so that bi-directional light is provided for the user when the doors are opened. Hidden with the right-hand cabinet is a pullout magnified shaving mirror, in addition to the glass shelves that feature in both cabinets.

The cool-toned Bianco Acquamarina marble floor and wall tiles, from Italy, provide a sense of serenity, while the freestanding bathtub and custom-built steam shower offer a calming and tranquil spa-like experience at home.

One standout feature of this Principal Bathroom is the attention to detail. From the intricate stone work to the carefully chosen fixtures and finishes to create a soft but masculine finish, every element has been carefully selected to create a sense of luxury and sophistication.

One of our favourite pieces in this gorgeously luxurious Principal Bathroom and another example of attention to detail, is the corner seat that serves as both a hidden laundry storage basket as well as a seat. It was designed with the intention of maximising space and keeping the bathroom clutter free so the colours and materials could shine through.