Bespoke Decorative Lighting

Using decorative lighting to transform spaces

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design as it can completely transform a space. The right lighting can enhance the atmosphere, highlight key features, and add a touch elegance.

We understand the power of lighting and often work with clients to design and make bespoke, statement pieces to bring a sense of magic and character to special spaces.

One of our favourite ways to add drama and presence to a space is with a bespoke chandelier. Using materials such as Murano cristallo can contribute to intricate bespoke pieces that draw immediate attention such as the Murano pendant chandeliers we recently made for a client.

In another recent project, we created a grand three-storey cascading chandelier with champagne inspired tones to create a glowing, warm and welcoming feel in this large home.

In spaces such as health suites and pools, even the smallest lighting details can make a big difference to the overall ambience of the space. In stairways and hallways, subtle lighting such as recessed stair lighting and elegant decorative lighting can be extremely important and effective in creating the intended atmosphere of the home. 

Whether it’s a grand staircase, an entrance hall, or a contemporary drawing room, we strive to create unique, stunning lighting features for each of our clients.