Bookmatching Natural Stone

Geology meets geometry

Bookmatching is a technique of aligning and matching two or more slabs of stone, creating a mirrored pattern. This technique has been used for centuries in the architectural and decorative arts. Its origins can be traced back to the ancient Romans and Greeks, who used it in their buildings and sculptures. The technique is also used extensively in Islamic architecture, where it is often applied to decorative tiles and mosaics.

The process remains popular today, with architects, interior designers and sculptors exploring the application with a variety of stones being used, including marble, granite, onyx, and quartzite.

The magic of bookmatching is that despite being a time-honoured technique, every time two or more slabs are positioned together, they make an entirely unique pattern and a masterpiece of nature.

We work closely with partners to select the very best slabs from around the world and process them in a way that maximises the outcome of the raw material, providing realisations of unsurpassed quality.