Underground Oasis

Creating a home wellness space

Designing a subterranean space without ingress of natural light can be both a challenge and a gift. In this instance, our design team harnessed the control provided by the space lit only by artificial means.

Inspired loosely by the architectural design of Peter Zumthor for Therme Vals, this Pool Suite is designed to create the feel of a cavernous grotto of tranquility, but with clean, architectural lines, as if a rectilinear extrusion had been cut from a rock face. Playing with the quality of contrasting textures and tones, our team has married riven slate, Venetian polished plaster, honed Perlino Bianco and Fioro Di Bosco marble and a punch of molten gold in the feature wall lights.

Our polished plaster artisans painstakingly applied the Novacolor render to the illuminated ceiling coffer, the leading lines of which draw the eye to the focal water feature at the far end of the pool. The captivating flow of water transforms the space both visually and audibly.

The pool leads off to a steam room fashioned in the style of an Eastern hammam featuring a domed ceiling tiled in an azure mosaic. If you’re exploring how to create a wellness space in your luxury home our design and technical teams would be delighted to hear from you.