A Room of One’s Own

Oxshott Drawing Room

In a stunning homage to Virginia Woolf’s groundbreaking essay, this luxurious and sophisticated open-plan Drawing & Dining Room fuses the elegance of a bygone era with contemporary sensibilities. Reflecting the opulence of the English countryside, we worked closely with our clients to create an inviting and harmonious space with a nod to the historical significance of Drawing Rooms.

The central display cabinet flanked by reeded glass screens provide an effective space for showcasing cherished mementos, books, and objets d’art while creating a subtle yet effective visual and spatial boundary. This elegant partition allows for an intimate atmosphere while preserving the open-plan design, embodying the essence of Woolf’s call for a private space for women to think, create, and communicate.

The rich, earthy tones of the bespoke cabinetry evoke feelings of warmth and serenity, while gold accents found in our bespoke chandeliers and partitions enhance the room’s luxurious ambiance. The client’s own grand piano, a focal point in the dining area, embodies the spirit of creativity and artistic expression championed by Woolf.

Our small contribution to the historical narrative of the Drawing Room is a testament to the power of blending history, literature, and artistry to create a welcoming and inspiring environment for those who enter.