Gentleman’s Oak Panelled Study

A haven for the modern gentleman

The traditional use of English oak in the raised and fielded panels of a Gentleman’s study is one of the few features of interior design that truly can be considered ‘timeless’.

The study as we know it today became a popular feature of luxury homes during the European Renaissance when wealthy patrons of the arts would commission master craftsmen, joiners, cabinetmakers and other artisans to create private rooms dedicated to reading, writing and quiet contemplation.

Through the 18th and 19th centuries the study took its place as a status symbol of the upper-class, collecting its enduring connotations of grandeur and masculinity with many male writers and intellectuals of Liberalism using it as a place of refuge and sanctuary from where to elucidate their theories of civilisation.

Today the prevailing notion continues and the study plays in important role in the lives of many great intellectuals, writers and men and women of industry.

Embellishing the inviting colour pallet of English oak, this study designed and built for a private client features bookcases and illuminated display cabinets. The rich forest greens accentuate the countryside feel and two tastefully appointed bespoke chairs, coupled with a bespoke rug, bring the sense of comfort, while maintaining an air of formality.

If you’re interested in working with us to create your dream study our senior designers will be delighted to help you achieve your aspirations.