Entertainment Lounge

Entertainment Lounge

The Entertainment Lounge started out as a ‘developer spec’, open-plan basement, lacking in character and with a gym and bar area sharing a single space. The area also included a simple wine cellar, which was not desired by the client.

Our clients envisaged their home as a place that reflected the things that they enjoy when they holiday: entertaining, relaxing, fun and family. All aspects were to be considered and delivered with a depth of luxury that would make the Entertainment Lounge almost unrecognisable from its original form. 

A key challenge for our design team was to determine how to break up the single space, whilst maintaining an engaging and dynamic environment, and without losing neither the ingress of natural light from the external glazing of the Pool and Gym, nor the view out to the landscaped garden.

Our design team delighted in testing our specialist joinery workshop and often we challenge ourselves most by employing joinery as architecture. In this instance, we applied a sweeping banquette seat and display cabinetry piece to separate the Gym from the Entertainment Lounge, reduce the visual impact of the existing columns and create the richness and comfort of a club lounge. 

To further accentuate the central point of the Entertainment Lounge, our designers conceived a dropped ceiling in polished plaster, mimicking the curvature of the banquette seating below.

Opposite the banquette and gaming table arrangement – and sharing the central axis of the space – is the bar. This striking swept form was heavily constrained by the limitations of the space, but its presence suggests the opposite. The curved façade is finished in a polished plaster treatment – a bespoke finish developed specifically for the project. The countertop is the strikingly beautiful Patagonia marble, with a semi-backlit glow, like embers in the translucent sections of the stone.

As always, we aimed to deliver the very best for this interior and its defining features of banquette and bar deliver just that – complexity dressed as elegance and sophistication.