Elevating Masculine Chic

Bold and straightforward serenity

Masculine design is typically characterised by a strong, bold and straightforward aesthetic, often incorporating simple lines, geometric shapes, and a minimal, monochromatic colour palette. We worked closely with our client to embrace this mood and bring a sense of serenity to his Principal Bedroom.

Darker tones such as charcoal, royal blues and walnut, staples of the masculine approach, were used in this Principal Bedroom to establish a firm identity for the space. The application of dark stained timber panelling on the head board elevation, reflected in the bespoke bedside cabinets provides the rich traditional element needed.

The bed arrangement softens this with the thoughtful application of fabric panelling, suggestive of a herringbone tweed, which runs up from the winged upholstered headboard, itself a nod to sartorial elegance.

A bespoke rug provides strength in the form of a bold geometric pattern, its thick wool pile contributing sumptuous depth to our monochromatic pallet. Finally the masculine aesthetic is not complete without its statement piece; cue our bespoke curved sofa, covered in a striking linen, sat upon its brushed bronze plinth.

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