Rural Elegance

A countryside brief

Our delightful clients approached us with a clear component to their brief: ‘the interiors should express our shared passion and close relationship with the English countryside’.

This is precisely the type of challenge that invigorates and inspires our design team. How, exactly, do you tackle the task of expressing a love of the countryside as a realised interior design?

First of all, we worked with a clients to determine what the English Countryside means to them, and together noted these highlights:

• Fields drilled for winter wheat, in the later summer
• Hares boxing at dawn in the spring
• The changing leaves of ancient oak trees in autumn
• Rolling fields licked by the low autumn sun

Using moodboards, our designers developed a visual representation of the clients’ vision of the countryside, from which a palette and evolving concept would emerge.

The Drawing & Dining Room of the client’s Surrey home is a wonderful example of the successful translation of textures and colours from the inspiration of a theme, through to their application and realisation in an interior design.

Most prevalent in the outcome of the interior is the use of autumnal tones, of the leaves of oak trees, and the furrowed texture of freshly drilled fields. All carefully considered to create a space of striking elegance.