Georgian Inspiration

Balancing authenticity with modern living

We worked with our client at every stage of the development project for this Georgian inspired home on the island of Guernsey. Having identified the site we provided architectural services to design the property drawing inspiration from Georgian architecture – a common feature of the island.

Characterised by symmetry, the application of classical proportions and decorative elements the Georgian style has timeless appeal, finding its own inspiration in the architecture of Ancient Rome and Athens. Our architecture team drafted planning and construction drawings and once approved our in-house team of builders and ground-workers broke ground.

Our designers created sumptuous spaces inspired by classical styling, but with elements of modernity. With a twist on the traditional checkerboard marble floor, we laid white Italian marbles with Nero Marble squares at each intersection. The lounge and drinks room feature traditional panelling with white marble fire surrounds and cast fire baskets sat on black granite hearths.

Symmetry was also adopted for the garden arrangement which features a geometric arrangement of beds and a central sunken lawn. Light airy spaces and the use of a heritage dentil cornice from Stevensons of Norwich elevates the sense of elegance while the wallcoverings maintain freshness.