Tailored to Perfection

Creating a luxurious, masculine Dressing Room

Requiring careful planning and attention to detail, our goal was to design a space that was both visually stunning and reflected the specific requirements of our client.

To start, we had to maximise the size and layout of the Dressing Room. The space needed to be large enough to accommodate all necessary storage and dressing areas, while also allowing for comfortable movement and flow.

In “His” Dressing Room, subtle and sleek textures were carefully considered. The application of the dark stained ash was chosen to create a rich and sophisticated atmosphere. We also designed a bespoke rug made from pure New Zealand wool, a luxury for bare feet.

Lighting, as always, is a crucial element of the design. To contrast with the darker colours and textures that give depth and richness to the space, accent and feature lighting illuminates specific areas like the dressing table while plastered in diffused strips that run the entire length of the room provides consistence in light intensity and temperature to ensure true-colour garment selection.

Our Pelham armchair upholstered in a bold blue textured fabric completes the integrated dressing table arrangement, which features watch and accessory display drawers.