A Touch of Pink

“Pink will prevail” – Christian Dior

A Dressing Room designed for a client for whom pink was a favourite colour. This space is used to access Her Bathroom from the Principal Bedroom.

Within Her Bathroom we specified an incredible Cristallo Rosa feature quartzite and knew that the client would love to see these tones extended to her Dressing Room.

Conscious that this space is used daily – and often early in the morning – we were careful to pare back the vibrancy of the pink, to ensure it is not overbearing. Having sampled a number of finishes, we selected ‘Dead Salmon’, by Farrow & Ball as the shade for the painted lacquer of the cabinets. This colour worked wonderfully with the stained ash veneer that is used as a thematic finish throughout the primary spaces of the home.

The paint finish was complemented by a muted pink wallcovering to the rear of the open cabinets, as well as a neutral suede to line the drawers. The drawer cabinets facing the open wardrobes feature integrated glass fronted illuminated jewellery cases and at the end of the room a large mirror sits upon a glass toped accessories drawer.

For our designer there is no greater reward than to see a client so pleased with a space designed entirely with their individual needs in mind. Adding ‘a touch of pink’ is seemingly a throwaway request, but has had a huge impact on the outcome of the space.