Stone Selection: A Hard Choice

Selecting natural stones

At the heart of most luxury homes is the considered use of natural stone. Natural stone features in luxury homes in myriad forms, most commonly found are marbles, granites, sandstone and travertines. Quartzites are also becoming increasingly popular choices and clients searching for something more special and at the very top-end and drawn to gemstone and precious stones.

Our designers devote considerable time to understanding and sourcing natural stone in all its forms. We often travel to quarries and manufacturing facilities to select and reserve blocks from the source of the stone for specific projects. This ensures that we have exclusive use of sufficient quantity of a material with the exact features and characters the design demands.

Stone varies massively, and small, shippable samples can never show the full character of a material, especially one that is full of distinctive features, veins and swirling colours such as a Brèche De Vendôme marble or Italian Calacatta – a marble found in a huge range of qualities and tones. That’s why we insist on seeing every stone before it is processed and shipped, ensuring that our client’s vision and expectation is fully realised.

From bathrooms, where we would typically suggest a number of different stones for a space, such as a feature stone wall or a special rarer stone countertop for one of our bespoke vanity cabinets, to kitchen work-surfaces in granite or quartzite, perfect for their impermeability, the selection of a particular stone can make or break a space.

We’re passionate about sourcing and using the finest natural stones in the most creative ways. With our deep experience and longstanding relationships in the natural stone industry we’re perfectly placed to guide clients through the innumerable choices and complexities of natural stone application in luxury properties. If you’re exploring natural stone for your project our professional team is here to help.