The Timeless Appeal of Vintage Glass

Luxury, glamour and warmth…

Antique mirror is prized for its unique character and beauty, which is achieved through the use of manufacturing techniques such as silvering and distressing. It’s application is particularly effective in small spaces and in bespoke cabinetry where creates the unusual effect of both a sense of depth and brightness.

Our design team often consider the application of antique mirror, and sourcing the exact tone and patina can be a monumental challenge. To ensure the exact finish and character required to enhance an interior we design and manufacture our own antiqued glass.

We recently designed and manufactured over 1,675 sq/ft of bespoke antiqued mirror for a project in Jersey. “I needed a soft, cloudlike appearance to this pattern, the like of which I have never seen before. It needed to be fluffy with champagne hues,” says our Chairman David, explaining the concept for this material. “I took my Americano into the studio and gently sprinkled it onto absorbent studio paper and after some experimenting we found the foundation of our patina.”

Working with the factory through an extensive sampling process, we finally arrived at the perfect finish that was warm but didn’t cast too yellow a hue, and had a characterful patina needed yet not too busy or distracting, ensuring the space felt calm and welcoming.