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A wine cellar is the on the top of the majority of house buyers wish lists. This was recently revealed through a survey on aspirational objectives. A stylish and cultured lifestyle has become more accessible than ever. The associated accoutrements have have filtered through to the mainstream consumer marketplace. Here are some design tips if a wine cellar is on your wish list.

Doesn’t Always Have to be Underground…

Fully fledged underground wine storage is unattainable for many. But in reality the subterranean factor is not essential. A wine ‘room’ serves the purpose equally well. In fact if space allows, a part of the kitchen, utility room, or pantry can be utilised for this purpose. Even a well insulated and separated area at the rear of the garage offers up possibilities. With an imaginative approach, this area could turn into your own wine ‘cellar’. On a smaller scale, a corridor, cupboard, or space under the staircase could be the answer? With neat shelving and tidy racking, it could become an eye catching feature in itself. Pared back to its elements, a cellar is no more and no less than a chiller. It is the proportions and features that lend it grandeur and give it grace.

Don’t Forget About Temperatures

What is necessary for successful wine storage is a controlled ambient temperature. Within certain parameters a consistent temperature is helpful, whereas large fluctuations are not. It is the continual change that harms the stored wine. Ideal storage temperature is between 10ºC and 15ºC, with 13ºC as near as perfect. The crucial elements comprise of temperature and humidity control. The diminution/absence of light. And the horizontal storage. Temperature control is the major issue but not complicated. Ensure you tightly seal your wine zone and install an appropriate cooling system. In doing so, your wine will keep its inherent taste and character.


How Will You Display?

The horizontal storage is the easy bit. Shelving and racking create their own visual appeal and install as little or as much as you need. Horizontal storage refers to the necessity to store wine bottles on their side. This is to prevent deterioration of its contents. Layout of the shelving will be determined by the size and shape of the space you have available. And also by the quantity of bottles you intend to keep. Think beyond conventional shelving. ‘V’ and ‘X’ layouts are practical and a circular arrangement is also a very useful approach to adopt. Materials and colour are diverse; choose them to complement your current style of décor.

Darkened, coloured obscuring glass will prevent the ingress of light. This will wreak havoc on your wine. Wine coolers may appear as though the doors are manufactured of clear glass. We recommend getting a good quality product from a reputable company. This will ensure those glass doors contain ultraviolet light protection.

Remember that illumination within the area is necessary to find what you are looking for. At the same time, there is the need to minimise the light. Furthermore, there is opportunity to add another design dimension to your storage area. Consider lighting under the shelves, on the edge of racking. Or mood lighting to enhance shapes in the ceiling or add an appealing glow to the space.

Utilise the Space

There is the opportunity to develop your cellar/wine room as a grown up entertaining space. This of course applies to those who have more space. Providing a sanctuary for tasting and talking, or a curated retreat in which to learn and sample. Illuminated caverns hosting aged wooden benches. Or a high tech stainless steeled alternative are often a glorious statement. One of those uncommon features where form and function can meld to the peak of perfection. No wonder we all want one.


Just Remember

Whether you indulge in the finest vintages in the most luxurious of locations. Or simply enjoy a bottle of your favourite vino of the moment, while watching Strictly. Or catching up on the latest episode from of ‘Black Mirror’ . If your own wine room is your comfy armchair in your cosy lounge that’s totally acceptable. After all, it’s what’s in the glass that really counts.

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