Project management & Delivery

During the implementation phase, Bonham & Bonham ensure the accurate realisation of the brief, conceptual work and the design intent by all parties.

All requests for information are handled to ensure the Design Intent is fully implemented and the agreed overall design vision is achieved. Typically the company insists on an on-site presence to guarantee effective oversight and quick responses to all questions and issues posed by contractors and relevant third parties. 

With the specification schedule approved, we liaise with our global suppliers and schedule all procurement and delivery, managing the receipt and quality control of all furniture, fixings and equipment and specialist items.

Bonham & Bonham provide a management link between the key figures responsible for the implementation of the interior design – the architect, main contractor, sub-contractors, suppliers and the client. As part of our integrated design services, we coordinate the delivery and installation of all Bonham & Bonham joinery items. 

With a key focus on precision delivery and our commitment to providing the highest possible quality, our control and oversight procedures ensure the inspirational vision and exacting details developed at the concept phase are realised during this critical time.