OUR Disciplines

As a multi-discipline practice we layer essential skills throughout each project not only to ensure seamless execution of our design vision but, in managing and controlling each stage in-house, that we safeguard our client’s interests, their investment and achieve their property aspirations.


Interior Architecture

Creative and intuitive spatial planning lies at the foundation of every exceptional home  With a clear understanding of our client’s lifestyle and an appraisal of existing space, we can explore opportunities to maximise the potential of the property. This first stage informs the roll out of holistic development to ensure that key objectives are integrated and achieved at every stage of the project.


Interior Design

Interior Design is the close consideration of each space in relation to its detailing, form and function. Our lead designer works to establish themes which flow throughout the home to create rhythm and harmony, overseeing a team of specialist in linking together each space as part of the great whole.

Critically, the impact of natural light, material, texture and depth are developed in uniting the moods and essence of each individual space to deliver an aesthetic in harmony with itself. Utilising the range of 3D visualisation tools at our disposal, our designers generate concept sketches by hand, placing clients in the centre of the scheme at an early stage. This approach drives the client’s engagement with the creative process, helping us fully realise their aspirations.


Specifying and Furniture, Fittings & Equipment (FF&E)

Specialists in FF&E design work closely with the lead designer to bring the concepts to life, through careful selection of the perfect elements from an incredible range of suppliers. At this stage the objects, shapes, textures and colours that fulfil the design ambition are identified, sourced and scheduled.

We work directly with a close network of global suppliers to source specialist and artisan products from manufacturers including glass, bespoke lighting, natural and rare stones, finishings, skins, exotic timbers, upholstery fabrics and so much more.


Joinery, Furniture & Product Design

Our vertically integrated manufacturing facility is one of the key draws to the Bonham & Bonham approach. All our designers have strong technical backgrounds and so bring with them essential skills in harmonising form and function in every space we create.

With the technical and manufacturing team working side-by-side the design team from the abstract spatial and interior phases, right through to client presentation, manufacture and finally installation on site, we are able to ensure that everything we design is understood and developed to its fullest, across its surface and below it.


Visualisation, CGI & Photorealistic Imagery

In addition to our hand-drawn plans and elevations, we are adept in producing high-quality 3D renders and CGI perspectives of photographic quality. Incorporating all the detail of the conceptual designs, as well as of any bespoke items such as cabinetry or speciality joinery, these images offer clients the opportunity to perceive, in life-like realness, the finished dynamic and aesthetics of spaces.


Project Management & Oversight

Project management expertise and decades of experience in property construction and development enable our team to execute on-site supervision and quality control to ensure effective delivery of the design vision.

Being on hand to provide technical information, specifications and installation direction gives our client confidence throughout the delivery of sequential phases of each project. Managing these phases centrally allows us to preemptively address obstacles that impact time schedules and costs.



With long experience in international real estate and across the U/HNWI ecosystem, drawing on an established network of senior professionals across related sectors, we support our core integrated services with critical expertise, advice and relationships that can assist clients in further fulfilling their aspirations, in property and beyond.