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January is viewed by many as the bleak month at the start of each year that overwhelms you in greyness. The sparkle of Christmas is over, Springtime is a little way off and the fog, rain and dark gloomy days are seemingly endless. However speaking up in favour of grey and wanting to re-establish its reputation as a colour of positivity think about the following:

Earl Grey Tea

Because we love the subtle aroma and smoky flavour; a perfect pick me up at 4 o’clock. Its distinctive flavour comes from bergamot oil which is believed to have a calming effect as well as improving your mood, relieving stress and reducing anxiety. Another cup, please. 

Grey Goose Vodka

Apparently the world’s best tasting vodka. Fresh, floral and French. Refreshing, understated yet full-bodied. Wonder if James Bond drank this in his martini cocktail?


Capable of running at speeds of up to 45mph this incredible ability belies the fact that as pets they are renowned for their peaceful and sensitive natures. A docile and loyal companion, they are trustworthy and seldom bark. Greyhound Trust here I come. 

Carrara Marble

An Italian marble that is so versatile and smart. White with a light airy feel, its rippling grey veins vary from ultra pale to dark and stormy. Think David, Rome’s Pantheon, The Oslo Opera House and our Silvio Table Collection…

Grey Elephants

Such intelligent and emotional animals who live in sophisticated social communities. We should protect these wonderful creatures from the illegal ivory trade and other threat as a matter of urgent priority. Don’t forget.

Photos Credits:
Gone Are The Dogs
Rafał Konieczny