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Salone del Mobile 2018 will be taking place in Italy’s design centre of Milan, April 17 – 22. This is aimed towards anyone who has a passing interest in design, interiors, furniture or simply wishes to know what is going on in the world.

Leading furniture brands from across the world as well as Interior and furniture designers and aficionados will be there. They will be soaking up the charged atmosphere to view the gorgeous, inspired, futuristic, and sometimes crazy ideas. It’s no mistake that this annual event, the Olympics of the furniture world, originated and still takes place in Italy… but why is it that the Italians are so damn good at design?

The answer is plain and simple – they have lived and breathed it for centuries. It is in their genes, their DNA, it is who they are and how they have always lived.

Image credit: Andrea Mariani (Salone del Mobile 2018)

The wealthier Romans enjoyed expensive materials, and elegant furniture crafted with fine workmanship. This group were more socially enlightened, educated and at the time, were the ruling classes. Their villas were built to deliver an environment which connected the interior space with the external landscape. The garden was brought alongside the architectural structure to become part of the living space. From this developed the fundamental principle which is deep rooted within the Italian psyche. ‘Light and airy’ and superimposed on this, the tenet of opening up the space to maximise its visual and physical appeal.

This is a fundamental concept that exemplifies the modern interior design approach. It provides the solution to contemporary living. As our population increases and demands for on land living accommodation grows exponentially, what space we do have generates the need to maximise it to the full. Uncluttered, well lit environments created by strategically placed windows and doors are hallmarks of established Italian design that have become the accepted norm.

Italian design was intended to meld beauty with comfort and functionality. Historically, furniture was considered as an artwork with design and comfort as equal partners. Translated into a contemporary situation, the scale and proportions of furniture are reduced. However, the design credibility and its practicality are unchanged. Current interior design ideas encompass modern living. Our homes and how we live play out in a different way to former times. Open plan is how many of us share our space and smooth elegant lines of the furniture we use is essential to craft a harmonious ambience to our homes.


Image credit: Andrea Mariani (Salone del Mobile 2018)

Throughout the ages art played a crucial role in enhancing the home and as a display of status. Perspective was used in paintings to give the impression of increased physical space. Today we have outstanding Italian lighting in all its glorious forms to fulfil this function. Italians use reflective materials, metals and inspired glassware. In doing so, they build on their impeccable design heritage to continue as global trendsetters.

Italian designers have been important on a worldwide scale in arenas beyond interiors. Automobile design – think of the stylish Alfa Romeo and the iconic Ferrari. Who else, but the Italians, could have made such an outstanding success of the diminutive Fiat 500? See – size doesn’t really matter. Nobody but the Italians, could have made a scooter, as in Vespa, so stylish. Think of the fast moving world of fashion. Was the only serious rival to French ‘Haute couture’ and its dominance in serious fashion ever going to be anyone but Italian? The likes of Gucci, Ferragamo, Armani, Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana are testament to the undisputed superiority of Italian design.


Image credit: Andrea Mariani (Salone del Mobile 2018)

In terms of popular commercial success Milan, Italy’s unparalleled centre of design, outstrips Paris. Italy has the ability to make design matter, to make it aspirational, relevant and affordable.

The relationship between Turini & Werich, the luxury Italian furniture brand, and Bonham & Bonham was born out of shared beliefs. Beliefs in impeccable standards of design, quality of materials and skilled craftsmanship nurtured regionally and built upon local tradition. As Turini & Werich’s sole UK distributor of their luxury Italian furniture we offer both living room and bedroom pieces that are simultaneously modern and traditional. Those streamlined elegant clean lines form the structure of the tables we offer. The graceful shape of our sofa and chairs is effortlessly stylish, and will enhance your home. Wether it’s contemporary, classical or eclectic; Milan loft apartment or Tuscan countryside castello.

By consolidating those ancient Roman design principles and updating them for today’s era the Italians have shown us that you can be the best without reinventing the wheel… come to think of it, the Italians are pretty good at cycling too!