Born in the heartland of Britain’s illustrious manufacturing tradition, Bonham and Bonham follow in the footsteps carved for us by the cabinet maker Edwin Bonham in his Black Country workshop over seventy years ago.

In 1948, as the country began to recover from the hardship of war, the national drive towards modernisation of the economy and restoration of civilian industry revived the quintessential British entrepreneurial spirit.

With the coming of peace across Europe, the shared excitement at the dawn of this new epoch breathed new life and energy into the towns and communities of the Black Country, which have long been revered for their mastery of skilled craftsmanship.

Among those craftsmen who sought to reclaim the great manufacturing heritage of the Midlands was our founder Edwin Bonham, who opened his first workshop in 1948, from where he would dedicate his life, and stake our family name, on crafting exquisite furniture and creating architectural interiors of the highest calibre. 

Establishing his business in ‘The Workshop of the World’, as the Black Country was known, offered Edwin a unique opportunity. At his fingertips existed a diverse network of manufacturers and artisanal tradesmen, all of whom, proud of their heritage, strived to produce the highest quality goods of the day.

Within such a dynamic environment, Edwin’s creativity blossomed and the workshop went from producing one-off pieces of cabinetry and joinery to taking on entire architectural interior commissions for large homes and estates.

From the leather-crafters and tanners of Dudley came fine skins and hides used to line drawers, dressers and gun cabinets, from the ceramic makers of Wednesbury came bespoke hand-painted enamelled tiles to adorn bathrooms and kitchens, while weavers in Kidderminster supplied intricate carpets and rugs. 

The japanning houses of Bilston provided the finishing touches to sumptuously decorated case goods and furniture, while brass, bronze, steel and copper, cast and formed into every conceivable shape by the metallurgists of Wolverhampton furnished Bonham’s with a unique offering.

By bringing the different disciplines and components of a single project under one roof, the detail and magic created at the conceptual stage could be realised by the those who created the vision; the designers. 

It was this combination of close and long-standing relationships with artisan suppliers, and Edwin’s vision for the integrated approach throughout the design, manufacture and delivery of interior projects that not only laid the foundation of our business today but also established the core principle which continues to guide our success. 

With long hours on the workshop floor as a boy, learning both the craft of design and the power of the integrated approach, Edwin’s son David, the company’s current Chairman, took on his father’s enterprise and applied his method to developing the offering of our family business.

In continuing to combine spatial and interior design with the manufacture of specialist joinery in our own workshop, David has ensured our family business continues to thrive. By levering his talent and exacting eye for detail into the development of a large portfolio of outstanding prime property across the UK and Europe, Bonham & Bonham today draws on extensive design, development and manufacturing experience.

Today David is joined by his son James, who brings his own ambition and creativity to the business, ensuring that while staying true to its heritage, Bonham & Bonham embraces a current style and a bold vision for its future.

From our humble beginnings over 70 years ago, Bonham & Bonham has evolved through the hands of three generations and continues to deliver excellence in architectural interiors, design and manufacture to ambitious and discerning Private Clients in the UK and across the world.

If you’re interested discovering more about our journey or what we do please contact us on +44 1932 598111 or email James or David at studio@bonhamandbonham.com.