Wine is healthy(ish)! Research shows that an ingredient in red wine, revesterol, can burn off that little extra corpulence, success! This is especially true in Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. So, save £50 an hour on a personal trainer and spend a little extra time at the bar!

Fancy increasing your investment portfolio? Over the last ten years, wine bought as an investment has risen in price by 243%! In the last year alone, the price has increased a further 7%. I am sure that you don’t need a reason to be convinced to pick up a bottle or two at Fortnum & Mason, but think of it as a solid (and delicious) investment.

Happy National Wine Day!

Looking to include some rich wine tones in your latest interiors scheme? We recommend Designer’s Guild Zaragoza Claret, an indulgent, sumptuous viscose-based velvet, perfect for a statement sofa.