Tempting it may be to shop online when in bed, or check out your bank balance whilst in your pyjamas. We recognise that living your online life from the bedroom is a major factor in disrupting sleep. A bedroom is for sleeping, a lounge for relaxing and a kitchen for cooking. We must compartmentalise our activities and associate what we do with where we are. In doing so, we can reorder our lives and rebuild our sleeping patterns. This will become a restorative and recuperative part of our lives.

Keep it Cosy

Bedroom décor plays a big part in ensuring your place of rest and relaxation is rewarding and fulfilling. A room needs a focal point, an eye catching feature. There are many options depending upon your taste and budget. Repaint the walls; white is the easiest colour to live with and there are hundreds of tones available. A warm white, a soft cream or understated ivory colour may feel more comfortable. A crisp white with an undercurrent of blue or a pinch of grey will throw out a cool light.


Although a cosier, more nurturing environment will be more welcoming and soporific. We want you to break out from the sensation of a harsh or clinical environment. White wall syndrome is a nationwide epidemic. Try a feature wall in a fabulous colour that appeals to you. A good tip is to make the feature wall the elevation. Make this one as outrageous as you like, exotic florals, deep dramatic soul searching hues. The theory being that you can have your cake and eat it, lively stimulating colour and pattern. This will not be on the wall you see when drifting off to sleep.

If you feel more comfortable with consistency of colour, add interest with art. Large scale images add drama to a space. Why not liven up the room with inspired pictures in bright, bold colours? Or create serenity and peace with subdued tones and an understated element.

A Place to Rest Your Head

An astute design idea is to treat yourself to a new headboard. It is an inexpensive way to update your bedroom decor and sets the feel of the room. Large padded headboards are on message and add instant style. That gorgeous, moody, deep midnight blue textured velvety fabric that you adore. Are you not quite sure how best to use it? headboard. The iridescent lustrous textured leather that expresses your extroversion – headboard. Explore the options of studs and piping to set off the headboard design. Pile on to the bed cushions in an array of complementary tones. A sumptuous bed throw and you have style, comfort and a great place to sleep.

If you have the space, a seating area in your bedroom is a lovely idea. A chaise longue is a delicious statement piece that is a sophisticated option. Or, a lounge chair, proportioned with beautiful lines will lift a corner of the room. Or, a sleek ottoman at the end of a bed complements the room layout. If appropriate, create a window seat. This can also provide valuable built in storage space.

Keep Calm and Declutter

Keep your bedroom free of clutter. An organised environment clears the mind and will allow more restful sleep patterns.

Bedside tables with useful draws are ideal. Hide away your chargers, cables and bits and pieces. By opting for a mirrored finish, you can reflect light back into the room to achieve a smart modern feel.

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When coupled with a complementary bedside lamp you can create a luxury bedroom feel. An extra table lamp located on the dressing table ensure will soft pools of lighting in the room. This is vital at both the beginning and end of the day. Overhead lighting can be intimidating or overpowering. A stream lined floor lamp, whether from the same range or in a different design adds to the mix. Do not forget that ceiling based overhead lighting is still necessary. Looking for that contact lens or earring on the floor when you have only mood lighting is not easy. Bright light will provide illumination when you need to pack that suitcase. Or decide whether your trousers are navy or black.

Treat Your Feet

Your bedroom décor can be as easy and relaxed or as stylised as you wish. Often overlooked but once tried, never forgotten. A bedside rug is an accessible item offering comfort, warmth and colour. Indulge in a top quality rug and enjoy the sumptuous luxury under your feet on a daily basis. The rich patina of silky softness will make getting out of bed each morning a little easier.

Bedlinen at all price points in all colours is available everywhere. Online, in the High Street, or in the supermarkets. Factor in the durability and colour fastness and it may be sensible to pay more for better quality. Well chosen fabrics will actually become softer over time. But ensure you choose a colour, style and pattern you love. A better quality cotton with a higher thread count will soften and cocoon you for far longer.

Just Remember…

Keep simplicity at the forefront, especially for bedrooms tucked away in lofts. These often have beams, or awkward shaped attic windows, or irregular walls. White walls and ceiling with white woodwork are essential to keep a uniformity to the room. Whilst also providing a pleasing visual aspect. Add colour with fabric and allow patterns to show off your personality. A simple wall hanging, a traditional piece of furniture, or a family heirloom works well. Relive great moments with a favourite photo in beautiful frame on your bedside table. Set yourself up for a good night of restful sleep by creating an atmosphere of calm and harmony.

Derive inspiration from what you have, what makes you feel good and what you enjoy. Consider the proportions, the function and the fit and if you like it live with it and love it.