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Spring is in bloom…

…April is the time for:

Getting the garden in order. Don’t be caught out. If the only week of Summer we get here in UK is a freak heatwave in April make sure you are ready.

Putting your house on the market. April is the time of year for optimism. Brexit, Trump, Putin, whatever happens the world will continue, so just take that step.

Making the most of those lighter evenings. Catch up with friends on a mid–week evening out, check out that new restaurant, seek out a new horizon. Refreshing, stimulating and good for the soul.

Getting that beach body in shape. Go for that run, walk the dog a bit further, chase the kids around the park. There’s no time like the present. That extra hour of daylight is a gift, so  unwrap and enjoy.

Planning your holiday.  Be organised and book the flight now. More choice available, less expensive and more convenient flight times. It will give you something to look forward to.

Revisiting your new year’s resolutions. No, I can’t remember mine either, but that’s no excuse. Each day is a new beginning so make it happen.

Going green. Britain, in the Springtime, when the blossom is out and the sun is shining is truly special. Make the effort to get into go for weekends away, the UK has so much to offer. It’s easy and a fast train is the answer. Surprise yourself, outside of the city, there is so much to explore.

For inspiration, have a read of April Everyday’s blog on the best places for weekend breaks: https://aprileveryday.com/my-top-5-places-for-a-weekend-break-in-england/

Tax year starts on April 6. You would think that those who deal with numbers for a living would know that we start with number one. Is this avoidance or evasion of April Fools Day?