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We were dismayed to learn that Moscow had its gloomiest December ever, with a meagre 6 minutes of sunshine instead of the usual one hour per day. Imagine – you call into your favourite coffee haunt to pick up your caffeine fix for the morning, return outside and the monthly quota of sunshine has gone.! The sun has just slipped away for a very long time and there’s only so much cheering up a coffee can do. The UK can be dismal in the Winter months and London dreary under the persistent grey cloud but, in fact, last month saw above average sunshine throughout the UK as a whole, with some areas faring much better than others. So in a bid to encourage Muscovites to keep looking forward to better weather (an inherent skill in the British population) here are some simple design ideas to help you lighten the way.

Flamboyant Curtains

Bright curtains in funky colours. Block out the greyness, feast your eyes on the fabric.

Vivid Cushions

Bright scatter cushions. Cheap and cheerful. Go for clashing colours if you dare.

Audacious Artwork

Bright colourful images for your walls. Think artwork, beautiful fabrics or stunning photography.

Outrageous Accessories

Bright accessories. A bold coloured photo frame holding an image that makes you happy.

Vibrant Wallpaper

Line the inside of your cupboards with outrageously patterned wallpaper. You’ll be thrilled every time you open that draw!

Lively Fabrics

Light coloured furniture, slimline and sleek in elegant shapes.

Bold Ceilings

Paint your ceiling an off white colour and install recessed lighting for a more subtle effect.

Striking Contrasts

Where appropriate use clear glass lampshades or alternatively stylish glass lamp bases.  Their reflective qualities will throw out the light even more.

Eye-Catching Minimalism

Clear clutter and streamline surfaces. This will open up the space and instantly refresh the room.

Magnificent Greenery

Treat yourself to fresh flowers with lots of added greenery. Bring long awaited Spring into your home.